Questions About Our Services

Frequently Asked Questions About Straightening

Q.Can you repair post-weld distortion?
A.Yes. Straightening is possible.
Q.What level of precision can you achieve with your straightening?
A.We can achieve accuracy of up to 1/100 mm.
Q.Can you perform post-heat treatment straightening?
A. Yes. However, it can be difficult to straighten these components, as heat treatment lowers their material hardness and makes them vulnerable. Contact us for further information; we will see what we can do for you.
Q.What component shapes do you accept for orders?
A.We take straightening orders for a variety of shapes, such as round, square, and plates.
Q.Do you handle mass-produced goods?
A.Yes. We can handle mass-produced goods, even as a rush order.

Frequently Asked Questions About Black Oxide Coating

Q.What is the largest size you can handle?
A.Our tank for black oxide coating is 1,000 (H) x 2,800 (W) x 700 (D). However, by repeating the process several times, we can perform black oxide coating on objects three times larger than our tank.
Q.Can you finish in colors other than black using black oxide coating?
A.No. Black oxide coating is a conversion coating that results from a chemical reaction between the iron in ferrous metals and the oxidizing salts used in the black oxide solution. Therefore, we cannot apply colors other than black. However, if the material is a cast metal, the finish will be a reddish brown color.
Q.Can you perform black oxide coating on stainless steel?
A.No. Black oxide coating cannot be applied to stainless steel.
Q.Can the black oxide coating be removed after processing?
A.Yes. Black oxide coating can be removed by soaking the metal in an acid.
Q.What degree of dimensional change does black oxide coating cause?
A.Dimensional stability is one of the biggest advantages of black oxide coating. Coating changes the dimension by only 0.7–2μ on average.