Black Oxide Coating

25 years as a black oxide coating expert.
We proudly provide the best-quality coating ever seen in the industries.

Main features of black oxide coating

  • Rust Prevention
  • Aesthetic improvements
  • Maintains fixed dimensions
  • Wearability and lubricity improvements

Applicable standards

DIN standards (DIN 50938 and others)
Deutsche Industrie Normen
MIL standards
Military Standard
International Organization
for Standardization
National Defense Standards

Issuance of the test / measurement report

Upon client’s request, several tests / measurements are performed for further quality assurance and official copies of the testing results are provided
Oxalic acid testing / per lot
Smut testing / per lot
  • SEM analysis
  • EPMA analysis
  • Coating thickness measurement
  • Shape measurement

Quality of our black oxide coating

We set ourselves very high standards. Other corp. may say YES but we say NO to mediocre quality coating. Appropriate corrective action can be taken on every piece of our works except for the quality coating that meets our high standards.
Our Criteria
Our Criteria
Our Criteria
Our Criteria
Our Criteria
Our Criteria
NG Sample
NG Sample
Scratch NO
NG Sample
Stain NO
NG Sample
Poor degreasing NO
NG Sample
Rust NO
NG Sample
Color gradation NO

We respond to various requests of black oxide coating, including:

  • To adjust the thickness of the surface layer after the coating.
  • To satisfy industrial standards (DIN, MIL, and others)

  • To test and measure for quality assurance
  • To satisfy the weight requirement per g/m of the surface layer after the processing

  • To realize the same blackness in LED light

What is Blackening…?

Blackening is as same as black oxide coating. Term is different but they are the same. Followings also refer to the same process with black oxide coating.




Black Passivating

Gun Bluing

Our original black oxide coating solution

We compound the solution in-house. We use only chemicals that have 99.9% or higher purity and remove as much poor purity chemicals as possible. For 25 years, we have been testing compounding to improve the coating quality. Our original solution enables us to achieve an overwhelming finish.

Benefits of Black Oxide Coating

Rust prevention
Applying a black oxide coating to an item prevents rust. Black oxide keeps rust at bay for long periods of time and prevents defects that could be caused by rust. The rust prevention power of a black oxide coating is largely determined by how it is processed. We provide a professional treatment to achieve an exceedingly high level of rust prevention that lasts.
Aesthetic improvements
Black oxide coating produces a deep black color. It creates a unique patina on different materials,so it is widely used both for industrial products and in interior design and art. Black oxide treatment enhances the look of a product and gives it a high-quality finish.
Maintains fixed dimensions
One major difference between black oxide coating and other coating and application technologies is that the dimensions remain fixed after treatment. Unlike traditional paint, black oxide coating is not something that is applied to the surface of a material; instead, it changes the material's actual composition. For this reason, the dimensions of the substrate remain the same before and after black oxide coating. With traditional applications, the thickness of the coating changes the final dimensions of the product. However, our black oxide coating maintains the original dimensions to within a 0.7μ~2μ tolerance. This makes our black oxide coating ideal for products requiring strict standards of fidelity.
Benefits of Black Oxide Coating
Benefits of Black Oxide Coating
Benefits of Black Oxide Coating
Wearability and ubricity improvements
The surface layer attached after the black oxide coating prevents the mother material from wearing. Further, the anti-rusting oil used after the coating improves the lubricity.