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Delivering World-Class Technology
from Yokohama, Japan

Dear All,

We are sincerely thank you for your support to Yamayo.

Our main lines of business are straightening and black oxide coating.
While these are both niche fields, we believe they are indispensable
in the production of high fidelity, precision products. Given our specialization,
we constantly look for ways to improve our technology so that we can continue to
deliver high-quality services and increase our customers’ satisfaction.

Our goal is to bring our solutions to a wider client base and to offer
our world-class technology to a variety of industries. We work together
as a team to achieve high-fidelity straightening and black oxide solutions
that meet our clients' stringent requirements.

We promise to be your sincere partner for mutual growth and benefits,
and are looking forward to your further advice and encouragement.

Warm regards.

Yasuomi Kawai, President & CEO
August 26, 2016

Company Prof ile

Company Name Yamayo Co., Ltd.
CEO Yasuomi Kawai
Date of establishment January 1992
Address 278-1
Orimoto Tsuduki Yokohama Kanagawa 224-0043 Japan
TEL 045-471-3303
FAX 045-471-3452
E-mail info@yamayo.org
Contents of business Straitening and Black Oxide Coating
Yokohama Factory
Yokohama Factory
278-1 Orimoto Yokohama 
Kanagawa 224-0043 Japan
TEL : 045-471-3303  / 
FAX : 045-471-3452
Office Hours : 8:00〜16:30
Closed on Sat, Sun and all national holidays
Saitama Factory
Saitama Factory
2-4-16 Atago Kazo 
Saitama 347-0057 Japan
TEL : 0480-62-7970  / 
FAX : 0480-62-5855
Office Hours : 8:00〜17:00
Closed on Sat, Sun and all national holidays


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